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Shopping from Lebanon and Beirut has become easy!

Lebanon Shopping, Shop artisana, Shop crafts, Shop bags, Shop jewelery, Shop abaya, video games, bargains, video games, discounted prices, special offers and more!

New shops and goods are added everyday

Enjoy Lebanon Shopping, Beirut online shopping experience with soukorjuwa.com

www.SoukOrjuwan.com is a virtual mall where business people, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and merchants present their products to you.

Our website has been specially created for you to be able to shop any time. You do not have to worry about shopping bags; they will be delivered to the doorstep of your target address.

DHL is our partner for our global transportation and logistics services; while Liban Post is our courier for our domestic clients.

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Why Orjuwan?

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Why Orjuwan?

The Phoenicians were amongst the greatest traders of their time and owed a great deal of their prosperity to trade. The term Orjuwan is Arabic for the Phoenician purple dye that the Phoenicians manufactured from the Murex shells. Inspired by the Phoenicians who traveled to all parts of the world, www.SoukOrjuwan.com is developed as galley that travels to the world through the internet, carrying onboard products from Lebanese traders and eventually from other countries and traders.

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